The Grackle

Spoken and heard

The Grackle Overview July 17, 2015


The grackle is a bird with a lot of friends who likes to hang out in trees with all who he knows so they can play target practice with people walking beneath them.

Grackle Overview – this information used from –

The Grackle (Common): Medium-sized blackbird with metallic purple sheen on back, head, neck, and breast. Eyes are bright yellow. Central feathers of long, rounded tail are often lowered to show keeled V-shape. Female is smaller and duller. Juvenile is dark brown with dark eyes.

Range and Habitat

The Grackle (Common): Resident throughout Florida; breeds throughout North America east of the Rocky Mountains and south of tundra. Inhabits fields, wet meadows, urban areas, shorelines and willow shrublands up to the lower subalpine.

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